Alexandria’s Mt. Vernon Bike Trail Showcases Mural on the Life of George Washington

Last week, on one of our few reasonably warm days, I took off for a walk along Alexandria’s Mt. Vernon Bike Trail.  Built in 1973, the 18.5 mile long path runs parallel to the Potomac River between Mt. Vernon and Theodore Roosevelt Island, and attracts as many pedestrians as it does bikers.


This day we started at the Washington Sailing Marina and walked south towards the Mirant Power Plant and Old Town.  As I came out of the tunnel like area at the foot of the power plant I was surprised to see larger than life trompe l’oeil renderings of all things George Washington painted on the fence.

There were coins, stamps, postcards, a dollar bill, the Medal of Honor, etc. etc.   While wondering what “artist of the night” had managed this whimsical display, I walked on to find an entire mural depicting the life of our favorite native son, George Washington.


Fortunately a well placed sign took us to a site that explained the history and progress of the mural.  It’s an interesting addition to the bike path and, no matter the controversy, a lot better than looking at a blank fence.

Housing along the bike path runs from the high rise Marina Towers to condominiums and townhouses in the Old Town area to lavish multi-million dollar properties closer to Mt. Vernon.  If you are interested in living close to this wonderful pedestrian/biker thoroughfare, give me a call at 703.927.4554 for available listings.