Oronoco Bay Park on Alexandria’s Waterfront

Oronoco Bay Park is next in our series on Alexandria’s Waterfront Parks. Situated just south of the aptly named Waterfront Park, Oronoco is one of the largest waterfront parks at 4.5 acres.

Home to many local festivals, Oronoco Bay Park is perhaps best know for the annual “Red Cross Waterfront Festival” which is the largest Red Cross fundraiser in the country.

The park was once known as “Texaco Bay” and before that it was owned by John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. The City acquired the property in the early 1980’s, developed the park into its present design and changed the name to Oronoco Bay Park.

One of the park’s features, in addition to walking and biking paths, is a wooden boardwalk that curves out over the Potomac River adjacent to the rowing facility.

The name “Oronoco” was a variety of tobacco grown in Virginia and the street of the same name was once home to one of Alexandria’s first tobacco warehouses.

Even in chilly weather, these pocket parks along Alexandria’s waterfront are home to bikers, joggers, dog walkers, and those out for their “daily constitutional”.


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