Rivergate Park on Alexandria’s Waterfront

Rivergate, the second in our series about Alexandria’s Waterfront Parks, is also one of the smallest.  A little less than 2 acres, the park is located at the junction of Madison Street and the Potomac River.

In fact, driving south on Madison Street will lead you directly into a small parking lot for this space.  Bordered on the north by Tide Lock Park and on the south by Oronoco Bay Park, Rivergate is a tidy nugget in the linear parks that front the Potomac River.

Although considered a city park, Rivergate is actually owned by the Rivergate Owners Association with permanent public access to the waterfront park area.  The land east of the bike path is maintained by the city with an annual contribution from the association.

Rivergate City Park offers cycling, jogging, shaded picnic tables, all important benches for sitting and a terrific volleyball court.


Another feature of the park’s location is the Alexandria Boat House, a joint venture of the City and T.C. Williams High School.  While the high school boasts a nationally and internationally known rowing program, the facility is also home to Alexandria Community Rowing.

The boat house in an integral part of the Alexandria community and a perfect addition to its waterfront.

This rain will be over soon and when it is, treat yourself with a visit to one of Alexandria’s Waterfront Parks at Rivergate.


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