Arlandria is an Alexandria Neighborhood to Watch

Looking for the next great neighborhood in Alexandria? A place where residents can still shape the landscape? Well, look no further than Arlandria, a triangular area bordered by East/West Glebe, Four Mile Run and Route 1, and an Alexandria neighborhood to watch.

Arlandria resident Nick Partee contacted us recently about linking t0 The Arlandrian, and after a short back and forth, we knew that Nick was just the kind of neighbor with whom we wanted to share information.  The site was actually started several ago by Arlandria resident Kevin Beekman but has recently been ‘re-energized’.

Like our friend at the Parker Gray Growl, Kevin, Nick and their fellow bloggers are homeowners who care about their neighborhood and want to have a hand in it’s current and future development.  As Nick and Kevin say, “If it happens in or near Arlandria, we intend to cover it, opine on it, or at least link to news about it.”

Arlandria is actually a conglomeration of smaller neighborhoods, some of which have semi-official names or nick names like Hume Springs, Sunnyside, Lynhaven, Chirilaguna, etc.

The area is also sometimes referred to as little El Salvador or Chirilagua because of the high concentration of immigrants from El Salvador who started arriving in the ’80’s.  Before that the area was heavily African-American but is now an extremely mixed area.

Key issues, according to Nick, include

  • redeveloping the Safeway/Datatel site to spur the neighborhood forward
  • ensuring ARHA  (Alexandria Regional Housing Authority) follows through with a scattered site concept instead of concentrated below market rate housing
  • reviewing and following through on an action plan for Arlandria
  • supporting Four Mile Run Park improvements
  • full staffing of police and code enforcement in the area.

When I asked Nick about his hopes and dreams for Arlandria, he offered this: “I hope it becomes a very urban, artsy area that retains it’s unique cultural eclecticism.  I hope it become better served by mass transportation. 

I hope that as sites are improved or redeveloped, surface parking is replaced by pedestrian oriented businesses, al fresco cafes and all-important neighborhood serving businesses – but with an emphasis on green space and making Four Mile Run Park an integrated part of the neighborhood. 

I hope the sites around the intersection of Mt. Vernon Avenue and W. Glebe Rd. are redeveloped to bring a new, lively, urban center to the neighborhood.”

My guess is that with interested citizens like Nick and his fellow bloggers, Arlandria has a bright future.  We are delighted to add you to our list of ‘blogs we trust’.

Want to know more about properties in this up and coming area?  Give me a call at 703.927.4554.