Buying and Selling Real Estate in Alexandria – Seeing the Same House in Different Ways

Most of us have a “position” about politics or religion or what to do with our hard earned money.  We may even have a number of friends and family who agree with us.  But when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Alexandria, taking a position is often very lonely.  Buyers and sellers can be looking at the same house – but in different ways – and with different positions.

Bottom line?  Buyers tend to exaggerate perceived flaws while sellers view those same things as perfectly acceptable.

For example:

Buyer – the carpet is dirty, worn out and needs to be replaced.

Seller – the carpet just needs a good cleaning and those pet stains will come right up!

Buyer  – the kitchen needs a complete overall, the appliances are totally out of date and the wall paper in the bathroom is awful.

Seller –  the appliances are as good as when we bought the house 25 yrs. ago and we love that wall paper!

Buyer – the traffic seems awfully heavy and noisy.

Seller – oh, you’ll get used to it, we did!

Buyer – the backyard is a jungle, our cat will get lost out there.

Seller – but they are all native plants and the birds like them.

Alexandria sellers need to remember that in the current market buyers have lots to consider and evaluate and your house is not the only one they will see.  Trust your real estate agent to position – and price – your house to attract attention and sell quickly.

Alexandria buyers should be open to possibility and use a buyers agent to help them get the best deal possible.

And both parties should remember that buying and selling real estate in Alexandria means seeing the same house in very different ways.

Just for fun, here is one person’s take on how buyers, sellers, appraisers, lenders and tax assessors see the same house  – but in different ways.

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