Celebrate the Fourth of July with a Dress Rehearsal

New to the Washington, D.C. area?

X FireworksBy now you’ve probably heard all about the grand Fourth of July celebration on the Mall – you know, the one that is televised every year, the one they call a “Capitol Fourth“.

The one that ends with the William Tell Overture and fireworks to beat the band.  The one that attracts hundreds of thousands of folks to the mall.

But have you heard about the dress rehearsal on the Third of July? Same time, same music, same performers*, same security checkpoints but with much smaller crowds.   The only thing missing is the fireworks – that is a one night only event.

It’s a great way to experience Washington.  Give it a try.


***A caveat – some of the performers choose not to be present at the rehearsal and a staffer lip synchs instead.  Jimmy Smits is always there though and pokes gentle fun at those artists who pass on this fun tradition.