Cherry Blossom Festival is Ideal for Romance

The national Cherry Blossom Festival, a Washington institution since 1935 (although the trees arrived in 1912), is one of the great spring highlights of life in Northern Virginia.  Last year we wrote a lot about the history of the festival so this year I thought I would share a personal memory of why the Cherry Blossom Festival is ideal for romance – and how you might want to take advantage of the occasion.

Some 20+ years ago when Virginia and I were in the early “courting” stage and she was traveling Monday thru Friday, I decided to surprise her in a burst of romantic enthusiasm.  I didn’t give her many details – just that she had to be vertical, dressed warmly and ready to be picked up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning.  That in itself was almost enough to kill the deal but, happily, she agreed.

The next  step was gathering a thermos, a blanket and deciding on a breakfast menu.  I settled on fresh croissants, grilled sausages, a wedge of cheese, dewy strawberries and, of course, lots of hot coffee.  Smart guy that I am, I also took along a plastic sheet to put under the blanket in case of heavy dew.

Our Saturday dawned foggy and cool but nothing was going to detour my plan.  With no real traffic between Old Town and the District, we zipped down to the Tidal Basin and found a parking place along side one of the tour buses.  By this time my surprise was all around us in glorious living color.


May I tell you that sitting under a bower of blooming cherry trees in the early quiet hours of sunrise is an amazing experience?  We sipped our coffee, luxuriated in our breakfast and reveled in the beauty that all began with a gift of friendship in 1912.

And now,  I think it’s time to do it all again . . .