Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives – My Favorite Places

I am a foodie.  Not one of your Gourmet, Bon Appetit, wine swirling, truffle eating foodies (although, yes, I have been to Italy twice) but rather a dinner, drive-in and dive kind of foodie.

I love finding out of the way, often small places that attract lots of locals and where most tourists or newcomers would never stop.  Often in a “bad” neighborhood or less than obvious (even respectable) venue, the best dinners, drive-ins and dives offer cooking from the heart.  It may be authentic regional cuisine, basic comfort food, a display of ethnic heritage or simply the owner’s own eclectic take on timeless classics.

But holding it all together is a passion for serving great food, made from scratch with the best and freshest ingredients. Ummmmmmmmmm, that sounds pretty ‘gourmet’ to me!

And where do I find my dinners, drive-in’s and dives?  Well, I’m always on high alert when showing property or taking a road trip, but most often I tune into the Food TV Network for Guy Fieri’s Dinners, Drive-Ins’ and Dives.

Last September we took a driving trip to Maine and Guy’s list of places went right with us.  (You can look up locations by state and then just print the whole thing out.)  Clams and lobster rolls – need I say more?

The great thing about Guy’s show is that he gets suggestions from viewers all across the country so its just not places he has picked but places where locals eat every day.

Happy hunting,