Doing Business on Del Ray’s Mt. Vernon Avenue – The Greener Cleaner

Doing business on Del Ray’s Mt. Vernon Avenue means walking instead of driving, having the proprietor know you by name and, best of all,  spending your money and your time with an individual business owner instead of a corporation.

Today, we are going to talk about doing business in Del Ray with one of its newest establishments – The Greener Cleaner.

The Greener Cleaner opened at 2210 Mt. Vernon Avenue this past March.

Owner Serdar Basegmez, a native of Istanbul, Turkey, has a long background in the dry cleaning  business but wanted to bring a new approach to this Del Ray location:

  1. the Greener Cleaner is open on Sundays;
  2. the Greener Cleaner offers pick-up and delivery service;
  3. the Greener Cleaner uses synthetic hydrocarbons  – a ‘green’ alternative – instead of PERC (perchloroethylene).

Serdar explained to me that these hydrocarbons biodegrade within days when exposed to air, water, and earth while PERC lingers and is known as a potential human carcinogen.  I would venture to say that the green alternative is what attracts a number of customers but I think the utter convenience of Greener Cleaner’s Mt. Vernon location is the real draw.

Just think, on any given day, you could walk down the Avenue, drop off your cleaning, get a cup of coffee or an ice cream, maybe even a hair cut and then head home.  (We’ll tell you about all those special places in coming days).

When I asked Sedar why he choose Del Ray he said simply, “the neighborhood” and Del Ray’s reputation for supporting locally owned businesses.

And the neighborhood has welcomed him with open arms.

Part of Sedar’s approach also involves giving back to the community.  In this first year he has joined forces with the Community Partners for Children (CPC) – drop off your shoes for a $2.50 shoeshine and Sedar will donate $1.00 to CPC.  Alterations are also available on the premises.

The Greener Cleaner is open Monday – Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm; Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm; and Sunday 12noon  – 4:00pm.  Phone – 703.717.918.

Drop in and say hello – you and your dry cleaning will be glad you did.