Downsizing is a Journey – and the Destinations are Endless!

I’ve wanted to write about downsizing for ages. In the past five years I have downsized my mother’s household (twice), downsized my BBF mother’s house, and cleaned 30 yrs of detritus from my own basement.

It finally struck me last night though that downsizing is a journey. There is no right way to do it, it often needs to be done in stages, and it often needs to be done more than once.

So, I’m going to share my first-hand realities and then, in later posts, we’ll explore concrete ways you can begin your own journey.

1) Don’t count on giving things to friends and children – ask once. Don’t beg.

2) If it doesn’t work now in your current house – or the house to which you are moving – it will never work. It needs to go.

3) Storage is expensive.

Cream soup bowls & saucers. Last time used? NEVER.

4) Be honest about the way you live and entertain. Yes, we know you have three full sets of china. When was the last time you used even one of them?

5) Do you even know what you have (drawers, closets, attics, basement)? My rule is that I don’t know I have it, then I don’t need it.

6) Storage is expensive.

7) If you don’t want it now you won’t want it later.

8) And once again, storage is expensive – and really doesn’t solve the issue!

See you soon,