Halloween on Lee Street in Old Town Alexandria, 2009


Just like folks have destination weddings, trick or treat hopefuls have destination Halloween locations.  And in Old Town Alexandria that means only one thing – Lee Street.

An old fashioned block party in the best sense of the word, the Lee Street Halloween extravaganza stretches for six blocks between Gibbon and King.

With cooperation from the Alexandria police, the street is open only to foot traffic.  The party starts as early as 5:00pm, for the little ones, and goes as late as 10:00pm.

What makes Halloween on Lee Street so much fun is that every one gets in on the act.  Houses are decorated, costumed homeowners are waiting on the doorstep (no having to ring the doorbell here) and adults, children and dogs join in on the party.

Of course some of the adults have secret liquid “potions” that they only share with other adults!

No small venture, one Old Town resident told us they have to buy so much candy – some 3000+ pieces – that they order it online to get the best price!

Like we said, Halloween on Lee Street in Old Town Alexandria is a destination spot and folks come from miles around.

See you next year.


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