How to Get a Loan Modification

Are you or someone you know having trouble making your mortgage payments?  Do you think that selling your house or even facing foreclosure is the only choice?  It’s not.  Consider a loan modification or “loan mod”.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development a loan modification is “a permanent change in one or more of the terms of a mortgagor’s loan . . . and results in a payment the mortgagor can afford.”  There are companies that you can hire to help make this change or you can do it on your own.  Too hard you say? Too complicated?  Not any more, thanks to an absolutely terrific book that is just hitting the market place.

I would love to take credit for the straightforward, step by step, reassuring book that is How to Get a Loan Modification but I can’t.  That acknowledgment goes to father and son real estate investors/agents Ryan and Mike Rockwood of Southern California.

Using their own experiences, Ryan and Mike have crafted one of the best do it yourself workbooks I have ever seen.  Trust me, the folks who do the “Dummies” guides could take some lessons! Why do I like this book so much?  The Rockwood’s focus is empowering, affirmative, pragmatic, and practical.  There is no theory here – just plain fact.  The authors want you to know that if they did it you can too  – and not pay someone else to do it for you.  Everything the authors write is from personal experience – they have been successful with six of their own loan modifications and are working on another five.

They use actual letters and phone scenarios, fill in the blank to do lists, insider tips, action items, eye catching icons, etc. etc.  In addition, the Rockwood’s offer valuable advice on how to repair or maintain a solid credit rating and what lending institutions are really looking for in those reports.

So, if you or anyone you know is having trouble making a house payment do yourself a favor and check out How to Get A Loan Modification.  Oh, did I say there is a 100% money back guarantee?

Hats off to the Rockwoods for this valuable addition to any home owner’s arsenal of must have reference material.