It’s A Corn Maze Extravaganza in Northern Virginia

Ok, you’ve survived a week’s worth of  budget worries, strategic planning, endless meetings and tear your hair out traffic and now its time to have some fun.  Why not head to some of the outlying areas of Northern Virginia and try your hand with a maze, a corn maze.

Wait, you think corn mazes are for kids?  Think again.

Corn mazes are big business with corn maze companies devoted to design and execution.  Heck, there’s even a national corn maze directory!

In fact, one of the biggest and best is right down the road in Leesburg.  In celebration of its 250th founding, the town fathers commissioned a giant birthday cake carved into a 14 acre cornfield maze at Temple Hall Farm Regional Park.

A bird’s eye view shows a four layer cake with Happy Birthday Leesburg written out in script.  From the ground, well that’s another story – and you’ll just have to see for yourself!

And if you want to go even further afield, click here for a complete listing of mazes in Virginia

So go have some fun . . . you deserve it.