Madeline in Del Ray – Halloween Parade Photos, Part I

After a day of driving rain, Sunday dawned bright and comfortably cool for the 12th Annual Del Ray Halloween Parade.   Over 5,000 adults, children and dogs turned out for what is arguably one of the best “home grown” events in the area.

There were many “favorites” but topping our list this year was “Madeline in Del Ray”.  Put together by a group of playground moms/friends, the visual feast included an Eiffel Tower, two bottles of wine, a French baguette, Miss Clavel, Lord Cucaface and twelve, yes, twelve Madeline’s – complete with yellow boaters and blue smocks.

 Lord Cucaface and the Eiffel Tower lead the way

 Miss “Tower” herself

the Madelines

Madeline in Del Ray won the Best Group or Family in the Best Decorated Stroller Contest – and what a stroller it was!

Stay tuned for Part II.