Mosquito Busters Are a Hit in Alexandria

I never really envisioned writing a post about “mosquito busters” but an article in this morning’s Washington Post couldn’t help but catch my eye.  It seems that mosquito busters are all the rage this summer in Alexandria – and especially in Del Ray.  Most of the article focuses on the extensive, and expensive, steps that folks are taking to ward off the pesky mosquito.

A local family, the Hartells, decided to fight back against the Asian tiger mosquito in just about the most drastic way possible.

For an annual fee of $699, two men carrying backpack blowers, and dressed like extras from Ghost Busters, spray the Hartells yard with encapsulated pyrethroid, a botanical based insecticide derived from chrysanthemums.

And they don’t just do it once – they do it every 21 days, April thru October.

The article goes on to give good prevention tips and a list of resources for more information.  Click here to view the full article.