New for the Garden from the 2016 Philadelphia Flower Show

Next to the sheer visual delight at the Philadelphia Flower Show, we love the opportunity to find new things for our garden.  Two of our favorites this year included the Hudson Valley Seed Library  and Fish in the Garden (!!!).

First, the Hudson Valley Seed Library – a brilliant source for heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and beautiful garden themed contemporary art.  It was the art work that drew us in but truthfully, it was the seeds and gardening implements that took our money.


These great planting bags, in a variety of sizes and colors, are made from recycled plastic bottles.  You can plant directly into them and because the material is porous, they will drain when watered.  Leave the dirt in year round and they will last 2-3 years.  Remove the dirt after planting season, “wash” and dry and the bags are good for 3-5 years.  We like them because they are very light weight and can be easily moved.


Ours are going to used for these wonderful herbs and cherry tomatoes.   Stay tuned for pictures later in the summer.

As for the implements, I picked up a Hori Hori serrated knife that is also marked in inches (perfect for planting bulbs) and a Ninja Claw,  good for close spaces.

Now for Fish in the Garden.   These ceramic fish, in large, medium and small, just make us happy.


Whether you choose koi or trout, a school of these beauties will make you the talk of the neighborhood.

See you soon,