Northern Virginia Pro’s Offer Smart Choices for Versatile Nursery Design

There was a great article in last week’s Washington Post about making smart choices for a really versatile nursery design that goes way beyond blue or pink.  The author, newly pregnant, was inspired to search out answers when confronted with adding color to her home’s neutral palate.

Check out these tips that she collected from several design pros in the Northern Virginia area and Maryland:

  • Plan in terms of functionality.  Make the room easy to use, then figure out what you want it to look like.
  • Patterned wool rugs are a good choice.
  • Have all upholstery  stain-treated.
  • Consider adding a ‘surprise’ element – like painting the inside of the closet a very bright or intense color.
  • When buying window treatments, think about how much light control you want or need.

  • Make sure you know what’s going to fit into the room before you buy anything.  Make a sketch of the room and take measurements and keep it with you at all times.
  • Instead of buying bedding and curtains as a set, shop for window treatments first, thinking in terms of something the child would like at age 8, then pick the wedding.
  • Find something you really love and just go with it.  Even if it’s something like a little frog, take it and have fun with it.

Although each of the designers the writer consulted had a different approach, they all agreed on one thing – Spend money on the things that will last the longest and pick the paint color last.  The idea being that picking the color first backs you into a color.

For the complete article on making smart choices for your nursery, sample colors  and great pictures, click here.  For a related article on color, click here.

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