Pork Barrel Barbeque (BBQ) is Coming to Alexandria! Part Three

Ok, we’ve told you how much we love barbeque and we’ve told you about how Pork Barrel BBQ got started.  Now it’s time to talk about how Heath Hall and Brett Thompson have become media darlings and why Pork Barrel Barbeque is coming to Alexandria.

Shortly after their appearance at the Food and Wine Festival at National Harbor, Heath and Brett were contacted by local restaurant legend “Mango” Mike Anderson, owner of Mango Mike’s on Duke St.

Mike and business partner, Bill Blackburn had been on the lookout for a restaurant to locate in Del Ray and when they heard about the phenomenal taste sensation that is Pork Barrel Barbeque, they knew they had a winner. Little did they know that they were getting so much more than good food.

Heath and Brett are a virtual public relations machine.  In addition to talking their way into supermarkets and specialty shops, they won a spot on ABC’s Shark Tank where they picked up one investor; they appeared last Saturday on Fox and Friends in New York; this past week they were on News Channel 8 and for they next few weekends they will be making appearances at local Harris Teeter stores to promoted their All American Spice Rub and Sauce.  And they do it all with good grace, humor, and a deep seated belief that “reward lives in the House of Risk.”

Down to earth and smart as whips, Heath and Brett know they are riding a wave of phenomenal serendipity and they are taking nothing for granted.  Because no matter how much publicity they get, if the food doesn’t deliver, well, game’s over.

And that’s what we are really here to talk about – the barbeque.  Pork Barrel Barbeque will occupy the corner spot in a small new mixed used development at the corner of Mt. Vernon Avenue and Oxford – 2312 Mt. Vernon to be exact.  The restaurant will seat between 75 and 100 with take out expected to be a big component.

Although the menu is still in development, Alexandrian’s can look forward to pulled pork, ribs, brisket, homemade sausages, chicken and traditional “sides” – coleslaw, potato salad, cornbread, etc.  The pork shoulder alone will spend 14 hrs. cooking over a fire of hickory and oak wood. 

The only down side  – Pork Barrel Barbeque will not open until Spring 2010.  It’s going to be a long cold winter  . . . .Can’t wait that long?  Go to their Web site and order a jar of All American Spice Rub and the Barbeque Sauce and start dreaming of better things to come.

Trust me, we’ll be there with bells on when Pork Barrel BBQ does open and you’ll hear it here first.


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