Potomac Yard Development Expands with New Fire Station and Sewage Pumping Station

The long planned mixed use development of Potomac Yard is well underway.  The first building, now in the final phases of construction, will house, among other things, a new fire station that will serve the Del Ray area and replace the current, historic station on East Windsor.

Planning documents from the city offer this additional information about the building, a cornerstone of this massive development (square footage is approximate):

  • 168,000 sq. ft. with five stories;
  • 24,800 sq. ft. fire station, slightly larger than the Powhatan Station;
  • Four floors of residential space above the fire station, comprised of 64 units of affordable apartments, ranging in size from 700
    to 1,300 sq. ft.;
  • 1,500 sq. ft. of retail space at the southwest corner of the building;
  • Two-level underground parking garage for residents, fire personnel and retail; and service drive along the north side of the site for service and access to the underground parking.

The report goes on to say ” In a manner similar to City Hall’s function in the heart of Old Town, the proposed fire station building will have an open space and plaza area setback from Main Street, meeting rooms for the community, and a tower all of which enhances its role as a prominent civic building. The building will mix the City functions, bringing fire personnel to Main Street and Potomac Yard, and surrounding the fire protection function with housing, shops and neighborhood open spaces.”

The main entrance to the building, the retail shops and the tower face are on the side facing into the development (Main St.) rather than Rt. 1.

To read the full report and see architectural drawings, click here.

Another, less glamorous, addition to the space is a sewage pumping station  that will take on major significance once the development is finished.  Thanks to strong architectural considerations, the station is traditional in design and will ultimately fade into the background.

One of the major thorough fares into the development is Potomac Street at the foot of the new Monroe St. Bridge.  Currently a work in progress, it will eventually be accessed with its own turn lane and traffic light.

In the meantime parts of the open space continue to house non-stop weekend soccer games for young and old alike as well as a rental car maintenance facility.

It will be years before Potomac Yard is fully developed and utilized but it’s off to a good start.  As a Realtor who is always looking at property values and great housing opportunities, believe me, I have my eye on this one.

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