Real Estate Agents in Northern Virginia – Know What You Are Getting

Real Estate Agents in Northern Virginia come in all sizes and combinations and it is worth your while to know what you are getting and understand the differences.

For instance, the Commonwealth of Virginia allows for “buyers agents”, e.g. agents who work specifically for the buyer, not the seller.

Virginia also allows for “dual agency” where the same agent represents both the seller and the buyer.

When I started in this business some years ago I decided that being a dual agent – while financially lucrative – was never going to be in the best interests of my clients.  So, shortly after receiving my license, I took the additional steps to be certified as a buyers agent.

Of course, I still take listings but now I have the tools and the opportunity to work for one side or the other – not both.

For more on the nuanced categories of Real Estate Agents, check out this timely article from the Los Angles Times which, interesting, uses an example of ambiguous representation in Virginia.

And always, if you are looking for a listing agent OR a buyers agent in Northern Virginia, call me at 703.927.4554 or email at [email protected]