Real Estate Trends in Northern Virginia for August 2009

Real estate statistics for Northern Virginia for the month of August 2009 are just in.  The real estate market continues to be a hot topic with the national media because market trends show an increase in not only the number of buyers entering the market, but in the sales price of homes.

Here in Northern Virginia we are showing the same positive trend overall although it naturally varies from county to county.  Getting to specifics is where I come in.  I can provide you with local market information that is city, county and neighborhood specific to help you make your housing decisions.

Sellers particularly need their REALTOR® to provide this detailed information since the initial price position of their house usually determines whether they will get the highest possible amount.

Since the largest pool of potential buyers exists when a property first hits the market, a price position that eliminates their consideration of the property keeps a house on the market longer.  The more days a property is on the market allows buyers to make lower offers.

Although a seller may believe their house is worth a certain price, the information on what buyers will pay in the current market is THE major  statistic upon which to make a decision.

Below you will find charts detailing the market trends in Northern Virginia real estate for August 2009.  Review them and then call me to help you make that next step.

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