Staging Your House to Sell – Why it Matters in the Alexandria, VA Market

When I first started in real estate, staging was a sometime thing, an option usually reserved for high-end properties. And now? I think staging matters in Alexandria’s market and any house, any lister, any price point can benefit. Whether it’s accessories in the bath and kitchen; the major areas like the living room and master bedroom; or the entire house, staging says “I put on my best clothes just for you and you need to buy me.”

Beautiful bedroom


Staging sets a mood. If done well, it makes the most of the home’s best elements and masks the less desirable areas. Don’t have the most up-to-date kitchen or bath? Paint, embrace a vintage staging strategy and work with your Realtor on a realistic price. Leave the $75,000 kitchen and the $50,000 bath to the new buyer.



               Buy Me, Buy Me


Staging is all about possibilities. Furniture, art, and accessories are scaled to fit and enhance, no matter the size of the property. There is no “too much” or “too little”. Professional staging pulls everything together, from the entry way to the lower and upper floors.

And don’t forget about your yard.  In this winsome detail, blue is used to tie in the front steps and the rear storage sheds.










Oh, you say you can’t move before you list your house? That’s ok. Remove as much as possible, paint, clean, wash the windows (!!!), and then use a staging professional to work with what you have.

It may be as simple as rearranging or adding a piece of furniture or asking the stager to bring in a few decorative pieces for a coordinated look. In any case, you will benefit from the advice of someone who does this day in and day out.

Want to read more and see great before & after pictures?  Check here.

Finally, if you are even thinking about listing, visit a few open houses and notice the difference between houses that are staged and those that aren’t  – and then call us!

Virginia and Michael