Stories Linger on at Arlington National Cemetery

As we come to the end of the Memorial Day weekend, sated with star-studded concerts, solemn services, the raucous camaraderie of Rolling Thunder, a barbecue with friends, perhaps a day off from work, it is easy to move on, to slip back into our regular routine.  But what about those whose routines and stories ended at Arlington National Cemetery?

Yesterday in the Washington Post, Mark Berman wrote about his two years of covering funerals at Arlington.   A young man, Mark has never served his country and had, in fact, never been to a funeral when he received this assignment at the tender age of 23.

At first concerned that he would become numb to the sadness or that families would resent his asking questions, he soon found that it was the stories that made his job doable.

I invite you to read Mark’s article and share in the stories that live on at Arlington.  You’ll be glad you did.