Stupid to Smart and Chic in Today’s Blog Roundup

 Today’s Blog Roundup:

Homeowners Wendy and Doug Grills in Clifton, VA submitted their “stupid” room to the Washington Post’s House Calls and came away with a smart, chic office.  Click here to see the work of designers Patrick J. Baglino and Megan Blake.

Want to know more about the rapidly growing world of eDecorating and the world of Web-based designers?  Click here and keep your eye for our young friends, Sherry and John, from Richmond, VA.

Need help with fall chores?   Click here to reduce your heating costs, clean a chimney, install insulation, make your doors draft free or ready your garden for winter.

Want to turn flea market finds into something fabulous?  Check out what Eddie Ross is doing.

Now, you may ask yourself – why is a real estate agent so interested in room makeovers, interior design, chores or flea market finds?  I’m interested because they are all things that go towards making a house a home.  Rarely does anyone move into a property (new or old) and not do something.  Instead, it is that ability to see and think “what if” that can make the difference between a house bought and tenderly loved or a house unsold.

So look around and when you find something that has that “what if” quality,  call me at  703.927.4554 and we’ll make it happen.