The Neighborhood Pharmacy in Alexandria, VA

The Neighborhood Pharmacy in Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood is just what it calls itself – a neighborhood pharmacy.  Unlike some other purveyors, they don’t sell diapers, milk, magazines, or makeup and they don’t process film.  They fill prescriptions, offer free delivery and work to “help folks have better health care.” What a refreshing idea!

Pharmacy owners Stacey Swartz and Barbara Hayward met while working at the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) in Old Town.

Ironically, Stacey’s job was helping other folks get their own businesses started while Barbara focused on legislative issues.  Both agreed that they would love to have their own pharmacy and run it their way.  And that means:

  • Free delivery to Del Ray;
  • Free introductory ‘brown bag’ medication reviews;
  • Personalized and hard-to-find prescription and over-the-counter medications for humans and pets;
  • One refill date for all medications;
  • Answers to all health care questions.

Stacey holds a degree in pharmacy from Duquesne University while Barbara is the “business person.”  Open less than three months, in the light filled space formerly occupied by A Show of Hands, they have already exceeded  their early projections.   As the business continues to grow, they want to offer:

  • immunizations;
  • a larger line of homeopathic remedies;
  • diabetes and blood pressure screenings.

When asked why they chose Del Ray the answer came quickly – they wanted to be surrounded by other small business owners and they wanted to be in a community that actively supports those businesses.

Robin, a customer who stopped in while I was there echoed that refrain when she said, [I like] “shopping in my neighborhood.


The Neighborhood Pharmacy is located at 2204 Mt. Vernon Avenue.  Right now the hours are M-F, 9am to 7pm, Saturday, 9am to 2pm and Sunday, 10am to 1pm but given the rhythms of the community that could change.  Be sure and check out the pharmacy’s  site and blog for the most up to date information.  They accept all major insurance, including Medicare.


Knowing that Stacey had worked at one of the large chains, I asked her what the biggest difference was in having a neighborhood pharmacy.  Her answer “I can actually talk to people.”

I don;t know about you, but that sounds like just the kind of pharmacist I want in my neighborhood.


P.S. – Co-owner Barbara Hayward was out of town during my visit but we’ll catch you up with her another time.