Three Ways to Recyle Leaves in the City of Alexandria

We love the big leafy trees in our neighborhood.  They add instant ‘curb appeal’; provide cover from the sun’s rays and help lower our air conditioning bills.  But come fall, those beautiful leaves turn into another form of home maintenance.   Fortunately the City of Alexandria offers three ways to recycle leaves.

  IRake your leaves to the curbside for vacuum truck collection.

Proper preparation

  • Remove stones, litter, branches or other debris.
  • Avoid placing leaves in front of storm drains or water meter covers. Move parked cars off of leaf piles.
  • Avoid using plastic bags – they will NOT be recycled through the leaf collection program
  • Leaves must be visible at the curb of the street, not in alleys or service roads.

 II. Place leaves in biodegradable bags for collection.  Bags will be collected one business day after your regular refuse collection day.  Collection will begin Oct. 28 and will finish January 3.

Proper Preparation

Use only biodegradable bags for leaves because they may be shredded and processed with leaves into mulch.  Remove dirt, stones, litter and other debris from leaves before placing in bags.  Click here for a list of locations to get your free biodegradable bags.

III.  Compost leaves and yard waste.  Composting takes advantage of nature’s recycling to make valuable organic supplements.  Want to know more about composting?  Call the Virginia Extension Service Office at 703.228.6400 or click here.