Tweet? Text? Talk? How Well Do You and Your Realtor Communicate?

How do you and your Realtor communicate?  Do you Tweet?  Text?  Talk?

An article in Monday’s Washington Post about how high tech options can short-circuit a romance got me to thinking about how complicated our communication world is these days.

[The article noted that 20 years ago the process of asking someone on a date was either done face to face or you picked up the phone.  Actually, 20 years ago, folks still wrote letters and party invitations were sent by snail mail!]

High tech options in real estate transactions are equally vulnerable with just as many opportunities for failure.  A missed phone call, an email that doesn’t go through (yes, it does happen), an ignored text message – all can lead to a missed opportunity, a disappointed client, a frustrated agent.

The key is figuring out what works best right at the beginning.


My young clients are totally responsive to text messages since they are rarely, if ever, without a cell phone or some form of Blackberry.  Clients in my age group are pretty attached to emails and phone calls.  And my ‘senior’ clients?  It’s a phone call followed by a visit.

I also work with a lot of military who are transferring here from another state or even another country.  Time zones play a huge role in getting things done and expectations on both sides need to be shared.

And then there were my clients in France.  I kept a French dictionary on my desk and found a French speaking mortgage banker to smooth out a very rocky financial situation.

Bottom line – it doesn’t really matter how you and your Realtor communicate, it just has to be mutually agreeable, mutually effective, and mutually satisfactory.  Remember, your Realtor works for YOU.  If you aren’t getting the service and the communication that you want and need, then you aren’t working with the right person.

Don’t let bad communication short-circuit your housing plans, I’m always here if you want to talk, or tweet, or text!

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