Veterans Day at Christ Church Alexandria

The parish rolls of Christ Church Alexandria, the home church of George Washington and Robert E. Lee,  are filled with the names of men and women who have served their country in military service.

From four star generals and admirals to combat pilots and coast guard commanders to privates and warrant officers, they are all part of a great legacy.

To honor that legacy, Christ Church Alexandria celebrates Veterans Day in very special way.

A “wall of heroes”  – photos of those who have served, past and present  – is put up for all to see.  Parishioners are invited to add photos of themselves or family members; a program and reception is presented between services; and a guest preacher offers the sermon.

Past speakers have included Secretary of Veterans Affairs Togo West, Gordon Sullivan, Chief of Staff of the Army, Ron Nessen, a war correspondent and press secretary to former president Gerald Ford.

Rev. Michael Pipkin

Today’s speaker, former Navy Chaplain and rector of the Falls Church Continuing Congregation, brought his very recent experiences in Iraq and at Bethesda Naval Hospital to a welcoming crowd.  Rev. Pipkin noted the wall of heroes even as he spoke of the horror and inhumanity that is war and how he remains forever changed by his experience.

 My Vietnam days

Thank you to all who have served and thank you to Christ Church for honoring its veterans.