Virginia State Fair is More Than Just a Midway

The Virginia State Fair, which opened this past Thursday in Richmond, VA is more than just another midway.  In fact, it’s one of our all time favorite places!

In the past 15 years we have taken our children and their friends, our nieces and their friends, and our godchildren and their friends.  In fact, when our daughter (now grown) had a visitor from another country we took him too.  Next on our list  – grandchildren.

Sure, there are corn dogs and funnel cakes and barbecue sandwiches   – and the must have midway – but most of all it’s good, easy fun.  The permanent site at the Richmond Raceway Complex, just north of the city, is large, incredibly well maintained and simple to navigate.

We visit all the exhibits from the Old MacDonald Baby Animal Farm to the rabbit and chicken houses to sheep shearing.  The exhibits are very hands on and children and adults alike can hold a lop-eared bunny, a baby chick or even give milking a try.

It’s easy to forget – especially when one lives in Northern Virginia – that farms and livestock are alive and well in the Commonwealth.  Visiting the exhibits is also a great opportunity to talk to the young 4H’ers who prepare all year to bring their prize animals to the fair.

So what are you waiting for?  Click here for the full daily schedule and get yourselves on down the road for a day of Virginia State Fair fun.  The fair runs through October 5 so you still have time . . .