Virginia Wines Are Competing Head On with California and France

Virginia wines, not always taken seriously, are now competing head on with wines from California and France.  But a bit of background first.

In 1976 a British wine merchant organized a wine competition in Paris in which French judges did a blind tasting of top-quality chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon wines from France and California – except that the judges did not know that any of the wines were from outside of their country.

Surprise, surprise – the California wines rated best in each category.  Known as the Judgment of Paris, the contest rocked the wine community and forever changed the perception of grapes grown and bottled in this country.

Fast forward 30 years.   The Washington Post invited six area wine professionals to a similar tasting but this time the unknown wines were from Virginia.  The California wines still took top honors in each category but the Virginia wines made a strong showing or as the Post said “Virginia was nipping at their heels.”  For a complete breakdown of the ‘scorecard’, click here.

Most Virginia wines are produced within a two hour drive of the Northern Virginia area and are perfect for a day trip.

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou . . .”