Walking in Del Ray

We have been a one car family for the past few days and it has just served to remind me what a great walking neighborhood we have here in Del Ray.

Whether you choose one car (or even no car) for personal or economic reasons, you’ll find almost everything you need here with just a bit of shoe leather.  In fact, in real estate lingo, its what they call “walkability” and I’d like to share what a recent day looked like for me.

Michael took me to work at the B&N store in Potomac Yard in the morning but when I got off that afternoon I was on my own.  I changed shoes and headed out for a 15 minute walk home, down Rt. 1 to East Howell Avenue.

The sidewalks on the east side of Rt. 1 that border the Potomac Yard development are really more like the Mt. Vernon bike trail  – wide curving swaths of asphalt with green on both sides that makes the highway less daunting.

Once home, I changed clothes and walked two blocks to the gym – or YMCA.  On this location since the early 40’s, the current building dates from 1996 and is a huge draw for us with a swimming pool, yoga and pilates classes, personal trainers and three areas for working out.

Just across the street from the “Y” are a bakery, a Giant grocery store and CVS drug store for more convenience.

After several rounds with the elliptical trainer and free weights, it was time for home and another change of clothes.  This time my destination was up Howell and down Mt. Vernon (a total of four blocks) to the Anne Welsh salon where the fabulous Elizabeth Klebaur tackles my untidy and numerous cowlicks.


Never one to turn down a dinner invitation, Michael came down to meet me when I was done and we walked another two blocks for our favorite fish tacos at Taqueria Poblano.

Gently full, we sadly bypassed dessert at the Dairy Godmother and headed home.  The sounds of a high school baseball game called from  Eugene Simpson field, just across the parking lot from the “Y” but with an early morning on the schedule we opted out – this time.


It was a great spring afternoon/evening – and all because I went walking in my Del Ray neighborhood.


Thanks to my spouse and managing partner for this take on living in Del Ray.  And if you want to know more about what walkability means as a seller or a home buyer, give me a call at 703.927.4554.